A child looking through a Bioscope (Image source: Google)

A 5th-semester classroom project done as part of the course on Data Structures and Algorithms. The aim of the project was to come up with a concept code in python that uses the concept of data structures.

Institution: Delhi Technological University
Akash K Seth & Ipshita Singh
Duration: 1 week


The project aims at building a platform that provides to engage, choose, and modify a story to construct a unique experiential narrative. The user inputs command from the console and the program stores it. The interpreter then analyzes the input commands and extracts necessary data points. …

The following study stems from the major project I undertook in my 4th semester on Cognitive Ergonomics. Through this project, I have tried to understand how humans process information in a crucial environment where decision making and situation awareness are highly critical.


To critically analyze a product or a system from the perspective of human performance and behavior.


A cognitive task analysis extends conventional task analysis. It is utilized to gather information about-

  • Overt observable behavior, and
  • Covert cognitive functions

The combination of these two forms an integrated whole. What is that?

When a task is performed, it always starts…

To the readers:

This is the culmination of the works, exploration and journey of two design students learning the field that is — “Graffiti” as part of our semester design project on visual design that was done spanning over the better half of the year 2019.

We have explored the street art and graffiti scene in Delhi, and have closely interacted and worked with artists from the NCT region. In the process we have a few murals and pieces to our name done across the city.

-Ipshita singh & Akash K Seth

Delhi’s Graffiti Culture

During the initial phase of our exploration we came across many…

Akash K Seth

Industrial design student at Delhi Technological University

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